A New Leaf
A New Leaf

A New Leaf

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A New Leaf Necklace was designed with Glass Leaf and Flower beads, Brass Pendant and Fan Charms, Gold Plated Bird pendant with vintage coral Czech beads and Carnelian with 14 karat gold filled beads.    

In the 1500s people called the pages in their books, leaves. When they turned over a ‘new leaf,’ they were really turning over a blank page in their book to start writing something new. The ‘new leaf’ term endured and now means, to change your attitude. I love the term because I visualize, not a page, but a gorgeous tropical large shiny leaf to place my life adventures on.

You see, darlings, we can change course whenever we want. We can exchange our unnecessary worries and bad habits for a new adventure, new knowledge and an abundance of curiosity. We are our own agents to do and undo whatever our little hearts desire.

That is why I like to combine the meaning of a new leaf with happiness. A new leaf means to refresh.

Turning over a new leaf in just one area of your life will create a feeling of pleasure, meaning and happiness. When a woman’s life is purposeful, she is happy.

 I will re-write this story on my terms. My new leaf will be a gorgeous and vibrant shiny green because I turned it over and the real me emerged.

50 cm in Length ~ Adjustable

Please note that slight colour difference should be acceptable due to the light and screen.