Cleopatra Magic
Cleopatra Magic

Cleopatra Magic

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Cleopatra Magic was designed with Crystal Beads and a Brass Pendant with Moonstone.

Cleopatra (known as Cleopatra VII) was one of the most prominent Queens in antiquity, known for her intelligence, powerful army, and notorious affairs with political leaders. Adept in many areas of study, she has become a symbol of women’s power, characterized by ambition, political tact, and adaptability. Despite her tragic end, she successfully maneuvered a predominantly male domain with striking aptitude.

Numerous rulers of ancient Greece and Rome have linked themselves with gods to claim divine power or influence. Cleopatra did the same by associating herself with the powerful Egyptian goddess Isis. The famed sister and wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus, Isis presided over motherhood, the afterlife and life cycles. Cleopatra encouraged this association by dressing herself as Isis for ceremonial events and often looked to religious prophecy to justify her actions.

While Cleopatra is widely believed to have died by suicide, the details vary between historians. Some accounts state that Cleopatra died by allowing an asp, or Egyptian Cobra, bite and infect her with its venom. However, others claim that she poisoned herself with a toxic substance on a hairpin or other sharp object. Additionally, there has been modern skepticism about whether or not Cleopatra was actually murdered, or if Octavian let her die by suicide as her method of choice.

59 cm in Length

Please note that slight colour difference should be acceptable due to the light and screen.