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Our beautiful Designer Necklace was inspired by Spring, the soft green colors of the beads with the Earthy Druzy Stone Pendant, reminds us of new growth and life.

Equinox, the word comes from the Latin term aequinoctium, meaning equality between day and night (aequi = equal and ­noct = night). That is what the first day of Spring is after all: one of the two periods of the year when the sun crosses the equator and the days and nights are in equal length all over the earth, marking our spin from winter to spring.

The end of winter can sometimes feel a little rocky. The energy shifting from an inward-focus to outwardly-focused can make you feel a bit off-kilter.

Implementing changes required in order to grow & flourish, can really disrupt your sense of equilibrium in late winter. But with the Spring Equinox, the Earth returns to a place of perfect balance. Day & night are equal, the light & the dark––bringing the return of some much-needed balance into your own life.

Overall, Spring is a joyful time. Everything is coming alive. Nature is waking up & being reborn.

The same thing is happening within you. Your spirit is coming alive with hopeful, excited energy. Parts of you are being reborn & coming alive in ways they never have before.

Spring represents a new day and it’s dawn in the wheel of the year. A new sun is rising. Life is waking up in the warm sunlight & your spirit feels ready to make a fresh start.

This time of year your spirits is bright & coming alive with new ideas; hopefully you’re feeling inspired & excited to try new things.

38 cm in Closed Length 

Please note that slight colour difference should be acceptable due to the light and screen.