Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

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Our beautiful Marie Antoinette Necklace is designed with Crystal Beads, Freshwater Pearls, Druzy Stone and Enamel pendant. 

Magnetic Clip

Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1755, Archduchess Marie Antoinette was the 15th and last child of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and the powerful Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa.

To seal the newfound alliance between longtime enemies Austria and France that had been forged by the Seven Years’ War, the Austrian monarchs offered the hand of their youngest daughter to the heir apparent to the French throne, Dauphin Louis-Auguste. On May 7, 1770, the 14-year-old royal bride was delivered to the French on an island in the middle of the Rhine River, and a grand procession escorted the archduchess to the Palace of Versailles. The day after Marie Antoinette met the 15-year-old future king of France, the two were wed in a lavish palace ceremony.

Unlike during her years as queen, Marie Antoinette captivated the French public in her early years in the country. When the teenager made her initial appearance in the French capital, a crowd of 50,000 Parisians grew so uncontrollable that at least 30 people were trampled to death in the crush.

She came to develop extravagant and indulgent tastes. It was expected that as French Queen she would lead fashion and spend the most on clothes.

It is believed that the jewels of the royal family were snuck away during the dark of night in 1791 when the king and queen were attempting to escape from the Palace of Tuileries before their impending executions. The jewels were sent to Brussels and then onto Vienna, so that Marie-Antoinette's nephew (the Austrian Emperor) could guard them. Marie-Thérèse de France, the only surviving offspring of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, eventually received the jewels. She later gifted them to her niece, the Duchess of Parma.

Among the other pieces of the Royal Crown Jewels included a beautiful double-bow brooch with a yellow diamond (a later addition) that one can imagine gracing the bodice of the late Queen, an intricately designed gray pearl, ruby, and diamond collar necklace (the pearls were rumored to have been in the family for over 200 years), and stunning diamond rings, which bore the queen's initials and contained a lock of her hair.

41 cm in Length 

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